Meditation Myths

Meditation Myths

Learn the facts about Christian Meditation


MYTH: I need to find a Christian spiritual guide in order to learn to meditate. Expand

FACT: You can learn to meditate through many resources available to you on-line. One option to start learning meditation is to download the Five-Minute Christian Meditation iPhone app.

MYTH: Meditation is for mature Christians only. Expand

FACT: Meditation is for all Christians. In fact, meditation can be particularly helpful to new Christians or Christians going through a difficult time in their lives.

MYTH: I need to close my eyes when I meditate. Expand

FACT: You can meditate while driving or doing repetitive tasks. You may have a better quality meditation if you are able to close your eyes, but quantity of time in meditation is also important. Any time you spend thinking about your personal problems can be better spent repeating the truth from God’s word. Our instructions from Jesus are clear…”Do not worry about anything.” Spend the mental energy you have been spending on worry by meditating on God’s word instead. This is consistent with Paul’s instruction to us: ” Pray without ceasing.”