I Will Provide for you – Paraphrase of Matthew 6:25-34 for the Coronavirus

“How much more will I provide for YOU!”

By Sara Robbert of Chicago, Illinois

There is an actual *herd* of deer who have made a hang out spot in the forest grove next to our family cabin where we have been quarantined for a week now.

Along with very real feelings of jealousy toward these deer, who are gathering & gallivanting in an easy, breezy group of over TWENTY INDIVIDUALS ??, I have also been receiving some words on provision:?

?Would you look at this herd of deer? They don?t scramble or hoard or buy things they don?t need, and yet I keep feeding them. I have even preserved this forest for them. They have all they need. ?
HOW ??MUCH ?? MORE ??will I provide for you? In fact, I want to give you even MORE than you need if you will abide in me & receive it. ?
Don?t worry like the world does. You are a child of God. You are safe and provided for above and beyond what you can imagine. ?
I knew these needs were coming before you?d even heard of Covid_19. Continue to rest and abide in me. Follow Me in what I am doing in My kingdom in your corner of the world today, and I?ll take care of the rest. ?
Let these deer remind you of my tender care for you. Let these trees remind you to be rooted in me. Nothing can shake you if you remain in me.??
– Quarantine Paraphrase of Matthew 6:25-34 (+ a little of vs 8)?

Sara Robbert is a writer based in Chicago, Illinois. She is a contract writer for White Buffalo Websites, based in Hopkins, Minnesota. White Buffalo LLC manages the Christian Meditation Room website.