Scriptural Immersion Meditations

Immerse Yourself in Scripture on a Topic, and Come Back Changed


In contrast to The Five-Minute Christian Meditation, the Scriptural Immersion Meditations give you an opportunity to absorb God's Word on a deeper level.

There are four meditations to choose from: COURAGE, FAITH, PEACE, STRENGTH. Choose the meditation that most closely matches what attribute you need from God's Word today. Through these meditations you will find the the COURAGE, FAITH, PEACE, or STRENGTH you need to face the challenges in your life.

For this set of meditations, pause after each line to fully comprehend the meaning of God's word to you. The longer you pause, the more meaningful the meditation. You may want to close your eyes between each line. Be sure you absorb the entire meaning of each line before you go on to the next line.

Before you start:

  • Relax your body
  • Make sure you are in a comfortable position
  • Concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly
  • To the extent possible, find an environment free from distractions

If you find it challenging to maintain your concentration through the an entire Scriptural Meditation, you may want to try The Five-Minute Christian Meditation. The Five-Minute Christian Meditation can serve as spiritual "training wheels" as you build the ability to concentrate for longer and deeper meditations.

Note: As noted, the Scriptures in the meditations have been edited to remove phrases that are not necessary and perhaps distracting from the concept of the meditation.

Choose a Topic: