Inspirational Videos

These are video creations of Bob Metoxen, videographer for The Christian Mediation Room. You can see more of his videos at

Hwa Lee Talks About Her Faith

Hwa Lee talks about her walk with God and her struggle with infertility.

Still Waters

This video is a compilation of beautiful scenes from Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin with meditative Bible verses.

Meditation in Tough Times

Pastor Gary Clark talks about how we can find peace in a troubled world. This video was created during the pandemic and right after George Floyd was murdered.

Church Signs

This video features some of our photos of church signs set to the music of Amazing Grace. See our collection of signs here: Church Sign Photos.

Global Horizons

Global Horizons, Inc. is a mission agency based in the Twin Cities. They provide support services for ministries all over the world.

Ekdall Church

This video is a peaceful view of life at a small church in Northern Wisconsin.

Pastor Dan

In this video Pastor Dan Shadis of Ekdahl church talks about how to find peace.